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About Us

Rick Renders and Saadia Eddib



Since early 2019, we are the proud owners of Hostellerie Munten. We are two people with a lot of love for this industry, ambition and fresh ideas.

As a hotel-couple, we have plenty of experience in the hospitality world. Rick Renders: "From a very early age (kids) have I been involved in the restaurant world. I've worked in several restaurants as a teen and so has Saadia". 

The dream to start something for ourselves has been one of many years and this opportunity came at the right time for us. We are giving Hostellerie Munten our personal touch to improve its appearance, atmosphere and quality!

Hostellerie Munten is very known in Weert. Enjoy our culinairy offers, hospitality, crafmanship, quality and personal service with an eye for details. This is our vision which we'll use to continue this beautifull company while innovating it, so that every stay is another great experience.