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Greenest region in the world


Weert carries this title with great pride. The designation has definitely put the city on the map. Grenspark Kempen-Broek is a vast nature reserve with more than two hundred kilometers of marked trails for hikers, cyclists, horseback riders, drivers and mountain bikers. This cross-border nature reserve is four times larger than the Veluwe. You can enjoy flying cranes, exotic hoopoes, nightingales, golden orioles, croaking tree frogs and virtually all the butterflies and dragonflies of Northwest Europe.



Weert is centrally located and you are in no time in the well-known nature reserves and in the surrounding cities, such as Eindhoven, Roermond and even Maastricht.

The Maasplassen area around Roermond begins just 10 minutes drive from Weert and you come to the Maas villages such as, Thorn (the white town), Wessem and Panheel. Thorn is definitely worth a visit. The cozy white houses the old village center and the finest wines of Thorn Wine Estate.


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